The relevant statement can be submitted:

  • in person to the distributors’ outlets
  • via Santander internet (SANTANDER FUNDS tab)

From the moment of execution of this order confirmations of participation will be sent in the form of password protected PDF files.

Confirmations of transactions executed under Employee Pension Plans cannot be sent by electronic mail.

Detailed information about Santander FIO and Santander Prestiż SFIO funds, including the financial data, description of risk factors and information on fees related to participation in funds can be found in the Information Prospectuses and Tables of Fees available on and from the Fund Distributors.

The funds cannot guarantee achievement of the adopted investment objective or the expected return. Prior to making an investment decision, the Participant should review the fees charged by the sub-fund and take into account the potential tax imposed on the gains. The Participant has to take into consideration the possibility of losing at least part of the invested capital.