Employee Capital Plan (PPK)

Employee Capital Plans (PPK) are a general, entirely private system of long-term system to save for retirement. PPK will be a capital plan for employees which will be obligatorily* implemented by employers. Employee will participate in PPK on a voluntary basis.

*PPK bill will not be applicable to employers who in the dates indicated in the bill run Employee Pension Plans (PPE), calculate and pay basic premium to the benefit of their employees (at least 25% of employees) in the amount of at least 3.5% of their remuneration.

When PPK becomes binding for employers?

* pursuant to the article 137 of the PPK bill, entities from the public finance sector will be obliged to conclude PPK management agreement starting from 1 January 2021 regardless of the number of employees.

Capital groups will be able to launch PPK in all their entities of the Group in line with the provisions of the PPK bill for the employer in the group that hires the highest number of people.

How does it work? - obligations of employer and employee


  • Select a financial institution to manage PPK in agreement with the trade union or representation of employees
  • Conclude PPK management agreement and PPK maintenance agreement with the institution of choice
  • Inform all employees about the selected institution managing PPK
  • Make contributions to employees’ PPK accounts
  • Possibility to make additional contributions to employees’ accounts in PPK (2.5% of the employee’s gross salary)


  • Employee’s individual PPK account will be automatically established after concluding PPK agreement by the employer with the financial institution of choice on behalf of the employee.
  • The employee may resign from making payments to PPK
  • Possibility to make additional payments to one’s own account in PPK (payment of 2% of the employee’s gross salary)
  • Possibility to withdraw 25% of the amount paid as a one-off once the employee turns 60, with the remaining part paid in monthly instalments (at least 120 instalments)

What will be the contribution to PPK?

Contributions to PPK (by both employer and employee) are calculated on the basis of the salary* of the employee. The amount of the basic and additional contribution will be the following:




Basic - obligatory



Additional - voluntary



* base for employee pension and disability insurance contribution stipulated in the Act of 13 October 1998 on the social insurance system, excluding pension contributions assessment basis for pension and disability insurance of those on parental leave or receiving maternity allowance or benefits equal to maternity allowance
**basic contribution financed by the employee may amount to less than 2% of the remuneration, but not less than 0.5% of the remuneration, if the employee’s remuneration from different sources in a given month does not exceed the amount equal to 1.2x of the minimum remuneration.

Additionally, for every customer participating in PPK (after meeting obligations stemming from PPK bill), a welcome payment of PLN 250 and annual payment of PLN 240 are planned.

What will be the benefits of running PPKs?


  • Possibility to pay additional contribution exceeding the amount of basic contribution as an additional benefit for employees
  • Employer costs related to the delivery of obligations stemming from PPK bill will be tax deductible.
  • Basic contribution to PPK will be an element of remuneration from which social security premium will be calculated.


  • Additional pension savings
  • Investing capital in line with the investment strategy matching the age of the employee and subject to change later
  • No tax when withdrawing funds from PPK after the employee turns 60
  • No inheritance and donation tax - funds in PPK constitute a private property of the employee will be inheritable and will not be subject to inheritance and donation tax.

PPK in Santander TFI

We create a process thanks to which we will conduct the company and its employees through PPK implementation in a complex way. We will ensure tools for PPK management to minimise the time devoted to administering the plan by the employer, at the same time keeping maximum transparency for the employee.


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