We have changed our name

to Santander Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnych S.A.

We introduced our new name and a change in the image of our brand on 7th September 2018.

The introduced changes do not require any actions on the part of our customers.

The following issues have not changed:

  • investment policies and management of sub-funds;
  • account numbers, numbers of sub-registers and numbers of participants;
  • the manner of managing our customers’ investments;
  • rates of fees associated with investing in funds;
  • contact telephone numbers, helpline and headquarters addresses;
  • NIP, REGON and KRS numbers: they will remain the same despite the change of the Company name;
  • administrators of our customers’ personal data: they will be managed by the same entities, that is, by the Company and the funds managed by the Comopany and operating under new names.
  • Ikona
  • Ikona
  • Ikona
  • Ikona

What changed
on 7th September 2018?

The Company name, logo and contact data have changed:

  • Ikona - Bank

    Company name:
    Santander Towarzystwo
    Funduszy Inwestycyjnych S.A

  • Ikona - WWW

    Website address:

  • Ikona - Mail

    E-mail address:

As shown in the table below, the names of the funds and their sub-funds have changed.

As shown in the table below, the names of funds and sub-funds included therein have changed. At the same time, the names of sub-funds Arka BZ WBK Gotówkowy and Arka Prestiż Gotówkowy were changed accordingly to: Santander Dłużny Krótkoterminowy and Santander Prestiż Dłużny Krótkoterminowy (the investment policies of the sub-funds have not changed).
Detailed information on the change of names of cash sub-funds has been published in the news of the SantanderTFI.pl website.

Current name
Previous name
Santander Open-Ended Investment Fund
Arka BZ WBK Open-Ended Investment Fund
Santander Polish Equity
Arka BZ WBK Polish Equity
Santander Small and Medium Caps Equity
Arka BZ WBK Small and Medium Caps Equity
Santander Central and Eastern European Equity
Arka BZ WBK Central and Eastern European Equity
Santander Turkish Equity
Arka BZ WBK Turkish Equity
Santander Balanced
Arka BZ WBK Balanced
Santander Stable Growth
Arka BZ WBK Stable Growth
Santander Government Bond
Arka BZ WBK Government Bond
Santander Corporate Bond
Arka BZ WBK Corporate Bond
Santander European Bond
Arka BZ WBK European Bond
Santander Short Duration
Arka BZ WBK Money Market
Santander Platinum Dynamic
Arka Platinum Dynamic
Santander Platinum Moderate
Arka Platinum Moderate
Santander Platinum Conservative
Arka Platinum Conservative
Santander Prestiż Specialist Open-Ended Investment Fund
Arka Prestiż Specialist Open-Ended Investment Fund
Santander Prestiż Polish Equity
Arka Prestiż Polish Equity
Santander Prestiż Central and Eastern European Equity
Arka Prestiż Central and Eastern European Equity
Santander Prestiż Emerging Markets Equity
Arka Prestiż Emerging Markets Equity
Santander Prestiż European Equity
Arka Prestiż European Equity
Santander Prestiż European Dividend
Arka Prestiż European Dividend
Santander Prestiż US Equity
Arka Prestiż US Equity
Santander Prestiż Technology and Innovations
Arka Prestiż Technology and Innovations
Santander Prestiż Alpha
Arka Prestiż Alpha
Santander Prestiż Government Bond
Arka Prestiż Government Bond
Santander Prestiż Corporate Bond
Arka Prestiż Corporate Bond
Santander Prestiż Global Corporate Bond
Arka Prestiż Global Corporate Bond
Santander Prestiż Short Duration
Arka Prestiż Money Market
Santander Equity Strategy
Arka Equity Strategy
Santander Dynamic Strategy
Arka Dynamic Strategy
Santander Moderate Strategy
Arka Moderate Strategy
Santander Conservative Strategy
Arka Conservative Strategy

On 7th September 2018 also the Regulations for Management of Individual Pension Account have changed.

Apart from issues connected with the change of name of BZ WBK TFI S.A. and Arka BZ WBK FIO fund together with its component sub-funds and the website address, new entries were added under Paragraph 16 of IKE [Individual Pension Fund] – the entries specify situations in which IKE regulations may be amended.

Ikona - PDFAmended IKE regulations (pdf file)


  • Ikona - Osoby 2

    202 000 number of employees
    in Santander Group

  • Ikona - Pracówki

    13 700 number of divisions

  • Ikona - Osoby 3

    133 000 000 number of customers

  • Ikona - Świat

    4 number of continents where Santander Group acts

Santander is a strong brand recognized around the world, especially on key markets where the Group operates (Spain, United Kingdom, Poland, Portugal, Germany, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, United States, Mexico).
Santander Group is one of the largest financial groups in the world and the strongest financial institution in Europe in terms of market capitalization.
The group employs 202 thousand employees, serving 133 million customers in ten world markets. Customers appreciate the services of the Group's banks for innovation, a wide offer and excellent quality of service. Santander Group provides services through 13.7 thousand bank branches globally. It accounts for almost twice as much as the number of all banking branches in Poland. Santander Group is also one of the most effective and stable banking groups in the world, whose indicators and results of business growth exceed average results for the banking sector. Only in 2017, Santander received several prestigious market awards, including the "Global Bank of the Year" award, including an award for extremely wide and cutting-edge employment of new technologies for the purpose of creating advanced products perfectly tailored to its customers’ needs.

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